A Foreign Exchange Primer

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Author: Shani Shamah
Wiley Trading
Publish date:
January 1, 2003
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Written by ShaniShamah, the book brings to the fore the products traded, techniques employed by most players and the jargon used to describe various activities. Reading the book, you will be able to grasp such terms as currency swap, spot foreign exchange and foreign exchange options, among many others that may sound Greek to ordinary citizens. This is especially important to individuals or groups trying to learn the ropes in foreign exchange. The professionals can also use find the book useful in as it can help them stay ahead of the pack.

The author of the text is an authority in matters foreign exchange. You might be interested to know that Shammah has a long history working with top international institutions specializing with foreign exchange. Shammah’s expertise in this area is evident in this book as various technical terms and procedures are made simpler for the common person.

Therefore, whether it is for information’s sake or you wish to venture into foreign exchange trading, the book will be indispensable. It is clearly a primer for individuals wishing to join the slippery world of foreign exchange or the existing players who need to up their game at the market.

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