A Random Walk Down Wall Street

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This is one of the well-known modern classics in the sphere of stock investments. Although the author, Burton Malkiel builds on the predictable premise that most people spend their time in futility trying to figure out weaknesses in the stock market so as to exploit them, there is plenty of useful information for the individual investor or anybody wishing to make investments in future.

Burton starts off by laying bare two of his most critical theories: firm foundation and castles in the air.As you would expect, the former is about investing basing on the value of the product being traded in. the castles in the air theory, on the other hand, is about doing what every other person is doing.

Burton also goes further to discuss financial madness that people have faced throughout history. Markets can grow in leaps and bounds to the extent that everything becomes over-valued. Eventually, the markets may crash.This is the problem with the castle in the air kind of thinking.

Nevertheless, the book makes for an informative and entertaining read although it contains weighty issues. Burton manages to spare the readers of the complicated jargon that accompany the corporate world. Find the book at Amazon.

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