A Trader's Money Management System

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It is okay to argue that the world has two types of people: those who lose and give up and those who lose and learn from their mistakes. The life of a trader is a difficult one; I could that when I was reading this book. A trader will fail, and he might give up or rise. Although this is just my interpretation because it is a personal review, I believe you will think the same way I do.  When I read this book for the first time, I asked myself whether it’s for me, or someone else. I realized that trade requires one thing from all traders: proper skills to manage money.

This book has taught me that a trader can stay out of financial troubles if they do their homework. I have also learned that it is possible to become a successful trader because professional financial management is an equivalent of success.

Money management often involves a lot of math, and mathematics is often complicated. However,  I noticed that this book is different because it uses very simple concepts and makes the math easy to understand. If you are looking for the best book on money management as a trader, I would recommend that you read this one.

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