Binary Options Unmasked

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Author: Anna Coulling
Anna Coulling
Publish date:
January 12, 2015
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4.8/5 Average Rating

This is one of the great books written by Couling. Many people have problems comprehending anything on binary options. The book is decidedly labeled Binary Options Unmasked because the author has done a great deal in making binary matters simple to the ordinary reader. The author further provides the readers with the necessary resources to help them grasp the binary concept even better.

Anna Couling addresses the concept of Nadex trading. It helps traders to cut down on the risks involved in the highly volatile financial markets. She manages to approach this issue through calculations of probability, which help estimate the odds involved in financial trading. An accurate estimation of the odds will help traders determine when to trade and when to stay away. Although financial markets require a certain level of risk-taking, assess the odds first before making the headlong plunge.

The book makes for a nice read. However, more examples would be needed in order to help readers understand more about Nadex trading.  Nevertheless, this is an essential text for all traders, novices or otherwise. If the market trends are not studied well, it could lead to huge losses running into millions of dollars. Grab your copy from Amazon.

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