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This book is unfathomably accommodating.  Charting Made Easy is for the new medical caretaker or the accomplished attendant who needs to enhance her diagramming. This book is straightforward and gives accommodating outlining cases. I found this book valuable and great survey for reporting. The Charting Made Easy audits the principal parts of diagramming, for example, the therapeutic record, the nursing procedure, and lawful and proficient prerequisites, rules for building up a strong arrangement of consideration, and the assortment of outlining organizations as of now being utilized.

This book practically will audit the majority of the do's and don’ts of outlining that you learned in nursing school. In any case, I believe that it is an awesome book for medical attendants - me being one of them.

I have seen a couple of bad reviews on Amazon, and I understand that readers are not the same. However, I find it quite difficult to understand why people had to give the book some false reviews. If the book is great for beginners, say it’s meant for starters. I do not think I have the right to say this material is dangerous because I know quite too well that this book has taught me a lesson or two.

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