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Author: John Forman
Wiley Trading
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I have read the Essentials of Trading, and I am generally happy with the contents of it although there isn’t real meat in it at all. It is, therefore, a perfect book for those looking for information on the bare bones of trading. What John is trying to bring out is the clear picture of a general introduction to trading, making his work quite a resourceful tool for beginners in trading. New traders often have too many questions they need answered. In addition, they have a lot to learn before they can actually call themselves great traders. Luckily, every newbie in trading now has the best source of information they can rely on: Essentials of Trading by John Forman.

It is highly likely that every beginner in trading will love the way the author starts his book – I do, actually. He takes some time in the beginning of the book to talk about the mechanics of trading.  He gives the reader the techniques and strategies they can use to start, execute and manage any kind of trade.  To make sure that those new to trading understand the content of the boo, John Forman not only uses screen shots in his book, but also highlight and explains helpful examples throughout the project.

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