Guide to Financial Markets

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Author: Marc Levinson
Financial Times/ Prentice Hall
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Guide to Financial Markets provides an affordable and well-written text by Marc Levinson. It forms an apt introduction to the complicated world of foreign exchange markets. This is because it delves into a number of issues pertinent to financial markets. These include bonds, derivatives, options and stocks, among other financial concepts.

The author manages to communicate the tough financial concepts to the readers without having to go into the technical writing style required of such issues. He; therefore, makes it easy for anybody to understand financial matters. Compressed in 9 pages, the book explores the various concepts that underpin financial markets and how one can go about them.

If you have any background in economics, the book will especially favor you. It will help you understand the goings-on in many financial markets. The dynamics of financial markets can be dizzying. The author saves most readers the trouble by adopting a simple way of presenting financial concepts.

Nevertheless, the author seems to take it for granted that not many people have any knowledge on basic financial or economic matters. It may not be very helpful if you are completely blank in financial matters. However, it is one of the best reads available so far.

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