Market Mind Games

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Author: Denise Shull
Tata McGraw - Hill Education
Publish date:
January 1, 2011
Average Rating:
3.7/5 Average Rating

If you have not read Market Mind Games, I would advise you to do that now. A serious trader would buy this book immediate – like I did. Throughout this book, the author explains the shifting relationship among three factors: emotions, reason and analysis. Further, she introduces the concept of intuition, arguing that thoughts can actually be used to build a long-lasting and very strong and intellectual capital. Danise Shell walks you through intellectual capital management; she argues that this should be handled with care, because it can help in making decisions during trading.

This book is more about the reader and less about the market. It is a great art to read if you are ready to learn that problem solving is an art that starts with oneself. The editorial review team of this boom recommends that instead of trying to solve the unsolvable, you need to stop. And you need to understand that the only best way to truly succeed is to start learning oneself. Once you learn who you really are, you will discover that you have your own special way of understanding and handling challenges. Now use your intuition to find solutions even to the most difficult  trade problems.

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