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In this dependable book, the world's top point and figure outlining master, Tom Dorsey comes back to clarify how dealers and speculators alike can utilize this great method—borne out of the unquestionable laws of free market activity—to distinguish and exploit market patterns.

His book, Point and Figure Charting, describes, orderly, how to make, keep up, and translate your own particular point and figure diagrams concerning markets, areas, and individual securities. He explains how to utilize different markers, including moving midpoints, advance-decay lines, and relative quality to enlarge point and figure investigation. Further, he reveals how to utilize this way to deal with track and figure market costs and build up a general speculation procedure

Point and Figure Charting discloses how to utilize indicate and figure examination assess the quality of universal markets and turn introduction from nation to nation

Today's speculation enclosure is loaded with an assortment of methodologies that never appear to convey on what they guarantee. In any case, there is one way to deal with venture examination that has demonstrated itself in a wide range of business sectors, and it's discovered right here in Point and Figure Charting, Fourth Edition. Buy this book today, and you will  never regret that you did.

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