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I would suggest that you read this book if you are looking for a reference book. I am sure many readers found this book annoying, but it is also important to understand that most of the reference books are often for beginners. I do not know why many traders say that some trading books are bad, but the problem is that they often end up buying books before reading the prologue of the book. Generally, this book is useful for a number of reasons.

First, the author has a clear understanding of what he is saying.  If he doesn’t, his research is really convincing. I do not know the author in person, but I know they must have written the book either from experience or after doing thorough research. The language used is simple. Andrew Kumiega uses a simple language to explain different concepts about money. I think what the author is trying to do is to make sure that everyone understand what he is trying to teach. Because the language used in this book is simple, it should not be difficult for people to understand the book at all.

If you read this book carefully, you will understand that there aren’t any good reasons to become an extinct trader.

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