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Axel Merk, in this book, has also ventured into the volatile world of financial economics. When the economy hits a depression, many people bear the brunt. However, Merk’s book can bail you out because it advises prior planning. According this book, you can actually achieve financial security by proper planning.

The book will help readers adjust their behavior with a view to averting any possible financial crunch. In addition, it teaches one to cope with a financial crisis when and if it occurs. One good thing with this text is that it deviates from conventional wisdom because follies are rampant in such wisdom.

It is quite an important tool especially to the unseasoned out there. It describes in simple terms what is happening in the financial markets and how the layman can deal with the effects. You need the book to help you plan your investments wisely. If you are thinking about investing, you must read this book first. It is not only concise but also easy to follow.For the novices out there, Merk’s book is a nice introduction to the complicated world of trading. Remember it is full of sharks, and you are not careful, you may be swallowed up.

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