The Complete Guide to Day Trading

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Author: Markus Heitkoetter
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Date: 2008
Language: English
ISBN: 141969563
Average Rating: 2.9/5 Average Rating

Who should read this book?

The Complete Guide to Day Trading is a good book for those who would like to become new traders. Experienced and pro traders won’t find this book useful; a few of them think that the title of the book is completely misleading. Every trade book written has something unique to teach, and I believe this book is a very unique material.

About the author

Markus is a great writer; he thinks critically and logically. He packs The Complete Guide to Day Trading with useful information that will help you become a successful trader. Markus’s work is very basic, and his main target is people who’ve never done trading before but would like to be part of the successful trading community. The author will not give you new indicator for trading. He isn’t even providing you ideas on how to build the best trading. What this means is that traders who are looking for the best trading approaches that they have never seen before should not really waste their time reading this book.


And one more thing please: The Complete Guide to Day Trading isn’t a sales pitch. It is an easy to read guide for beginners.

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