The Foreign Exchange Matrix

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Author: Barbara Rockefeller and Vicki Schmelzer
Harriman House Limited
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Because Vicki Schmelzer has over 25 years of experience in foreign exchange trading, you would be forgiven to think that her trade book, The Foreign Exchange Matrix, isn’t worth reading. The truth is a book cannot be judged by its cover; I believe this statement is true for The Foreign Exchange Matrix. If you ask me what my thoughts about her writings are, I would tell you two things: it’s a great book, and it is suitable for traders who are looking for a worthy introduction to Forex market.

Vicki Schmelzer has examined marketing matrix of different kinds using various data. She stresses that understanding the whole matrix is necessary, for there can never be any other good way to trade the market. Do not panic if you find it difficult to understand the matrix at first; detailed books, like Vicki’s, often have solid information that requires time and patience for the brain to process.

In fact, her trading book is better than many of the books that I have read. Hers is great work, not filthy, get-rich-quick Forex handout. I must say Vicki believes in great work; The Foreign Exchange Matrix is detailed, spot on and accurate. I’m glad I bought this book; it’s worth the price.

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