The Quarters Theory

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Author: Ilian Yotov
Publisher: Wiley
Publish Date: November 13, 2009
Language: English
ISBN: 9781119198338
Average Rating: 2.4/5 Average Rating


If you ask me what I think about The Quarters Theory, I would say that the author introduces attractive concepts and ideas for making money in trade. I read the entire book, and every next chapter often sounded great than the previous. What hooked my eyes on the book more is the way the ideas of the author connect, and for that, I give thumbs up to the author of this book. Now, the main question is what makes The Quarters Theory different from other books? To answer this question, let give a quick highlight below.

  • The book will help you improve your decision making process in foreign exchange trading. To improve the process without struggling, the author provides attractive techniques that any trader can apply in currency exchange rates and price behavior in the foreign market.
  • To help you get more than your money actually deserves, The Quarters Theory uses selective real life examples of market variations and innovations, and each of these is meant to help ensure there is smooth trading.
  • Lastly, a section provides one with a guide that can be used to handle the complexity of the daily fluctuation of price of currency in foreign exchange market is available in the book.
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