The Swing Traders Bible

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Author: Mark Whistler and Matthew McCall
Publish date:
December 5, 2008
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3.8/5 Average Rating

I know this trading book is cheap, but the relatively lower cost isn’t what really makes this book good. In fact, I have seen so many trade books on the market whose price tags are lower than the one for The Swing Traders Bible, and yet they aren’t good enough to be truly regarded as trade books. The Swing Traders Bible is different in many ways, so I classified it among my favorite trade books.

If you read this book carefully, word by word cover to cover, you will realize that it has only three major rules for profitability.

  • Every trader must consider fundamentals during each trade.
  • To succeed in trade, you should consider charting, support and resistance, volume and technical analysis.
  • Lastly, you must understand the significance of the stop loss.


The Swing Traders Bible has the best swing trading strategies, which, if properly implemented, can help you trade successfully. If you want to learn about trading options, bull and bear spread, macro to micro play and Japanese candlestick charts for profit, The Swing Traders Bible is the book that you should be reading.  In fact, there are seventeen swing strategies; I don’t have much time to highlight them, so I will let you identify them yourself at your own time.

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