The Tax Guide for Traders

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Becoming a successful trader isn’t an easy job. You need to work hard, and sometimes you need to spend extra hours at work. What’s even worse is that you need to pay taxes. When I looked at what traders go through to become successful people, I doubted this was the best job for me. I thought being a freelancer would be a great option because no one pays taxes in freelancing. However, I changed my mind after reading The Tax Guide for Traders. I know I am a beginner, and for me anything goes. Starters do not care whether making money trading will be hard; they only need to know that they can make it.

The author of this book, one Mr. Robert Green did explain the tax issue in a way many books cannot. As I read this book, the content somewhat compels me to believe that Robert must have written this book from personal experience. As always, all the guides I read always shave beginners in mind, and The Tax Guide for Traders is a great book for starters. In fact, The Tax Guide for Traders is the only book you should read if you are serious about making real money trading.

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