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If I had to recommend one book to read on trading, this would have to be it. In fact, I wish I had read the book years ago! I believe that it is not fair to open a trading account before reading this book. You need to understand the concepts before you open the account. I have noted that there are a number negative reviews about this book. However, for me, I think the book is great, and I am going to recommend it to anyone who wants to learn how to become absolute winners in trading. The author has a great approach to money management. He teaches you how to get the most out of your money, helping accelerate account growth and keeps the risk at a comfortable level.

This book actually covers all issues related to position sizing and teaches a method especially beneficial to traders starting with a smaller account. The logic behind every method used in this book is very robust. I've read the book a couple times, and feel it is outstanding. I do not know why people think that the book is crappy, but I guess everyone has their own taste when it comes to judging a book after reading.

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