Trading Rules: Strategies for Success

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Author: William F. Eng
Dearborn Financial Publishing
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When a friend of mine told me that he knows a trading book meant for experienced traders, I asked him to tell me the title of the book so that I could look for it online. What surprised me the most are the many positive reviews I read about the book. Apparently, Trading Rules: Strategies for Success isn’t a bare bone book. It goes deeper into details and unveils what experienced traders need to know about trading. In fact, the writer is full of trade wisdom; he doesn’t write for the dummies.

The concept of intuition seems quite a lot more significant in trading, no wonder the author writes about the mindset and mental habits. He explains how these two aspects can influence trade. The author teaches how mental habits can help a trader become successful in the market. In my opinion, Trading Rules: Strategies for Success is a must read because it is packed with solid information from an experienced trader. You won’t find fluffs, false hopes or errors in this book. There aren’t any contradictions in this book either.

One important thing I noted about this book is that it is not going to teach you how to place a trade. Instead, you will learn about what to do and what not to do once a trade is placed.

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