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Company overview

AGEA Binary is a multinational financial company founded in 2005 that offers professional online trading services to commercial traders. Its origins lie in Podgorica, Montenegro. The company is renowned for its skilled set of employees who work diligently to provide traders with the best of solutions. Its ultimate aim is to provide its clientele with a functional and reliable trading environment along with an excellent service molded each time to suit its clients' individual needs.

Trading platform

AGEA Binary offers its trading services through a variety of trading platforms. However, they are categorized broadly into three major types of platforms - the MetaTrader (MT) platform, the Streamster platform, and the Web Trader platform. Each platform has been designed carefully and traders can choose between them at their own discretion according to their needs. The trading accounts that AGEA Binary offers are classified according to the kind of platform selected.

Streamster platform

The Streamster platform has two versions: a standard version and a Streamster API version. The latter has been available for the more technologically disposed traders. The former, however, is the anchor holding all of AGEA Binary's trading platforms. It is the company's default platform. It is compact and user-friendly, which makes it the perfect choice for new traders. It includes a global multi-channel chat feature that allows traders to communicate with other traders as well as acquire live customer support. To open a live trading account, this platform requires a token deposit of only $1.

MetaTrader Platform

Traders wanting to trade using the MetaTrader (MT) platform can opt for the MT4 platform or the MT5 platform. The former is an advanced version and is, therefore, more suitable for experienced traders. It has its own programming language, MQL4, and is particularly ideal for algorithmic trading. The latter is mainly an offshoot of the MT4 platform but has been designed to facilitate trade in equities using a single trading account. Trading accounts being offered by these platforms are of four types: Standard, STP, Cent, and Fixed Spread.

Recently, the company has begun providing a $5 reward to new traders to help boost their trading careers.


  • Fast and well-regulated platforms
  • Unwavering customer support
  • Requires no deposit or low deposit
  • Tight spreads with the lowest starting from 0.9pip
  • Adheres to international best practices when dealing with traders’ funds

Customer support

AGEA Binary has a multilingual customer support team to deal with its clients thoroughly. Help is made available 24 hours each day of the working week and can be availed via email, telephone, or live chat. The many languages that the customer support team members speak fluently include Chinese, Russian, Indonesian, and Malay. In addition to this, AGEA Binary provides its traders with a forum where they can seek help and tips from fellow traders.


It appears to be a good choice for traders interested in binary options and forex. More than just being reliable, it is quick to respond to its clients' needs. Its unique $5 reward shows that the company cares about its traders and aims to provide a steady trading environment for them, particularly for new traders.

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AGEA Binary Review

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