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Company Overview

OptionTime was owned and founded by SafeCap Investment Limited in 2013. It believes in leading the binary options trading industry.

Trading Platform

OptionTime offers a trading platform with a user-friendly interface and certain features that are limited to this specific company. Traders have a wide range of assets to choose from along with different trades. A detailed analysis and review are also given on certain assets to assist traders in their decisions. The platform is designed in such a manner that it is conveniently accessible to all kinds of traders, whether beginners or professionals. The website also highlights the three steps to proceed with a trade: select an asset, make a prediction regarding its future price and invest.

There are a number of ways that this company offers for the trading procedure to be carried out: Classic, Pro Master, One Touch, Touch in Time, Speed Trading.


This is the regular procedure. It involves choosing the call/put option (depending upon the prediction of the price, whether it is high or low) and the expiration of the trade within a certain interval. The highest return can reach 87%.

Pro Master

This platform is for advanced traders as they are given the option to choose which analysis they prefer to work with. The analysis includes Fibonacci, RSI, MACD and Bollinger Bands.

One Touch

Traders who have a certain level of experience in the binary options trading industry should opt for this platform. If the price of the asset matches the prediction, traders can earn a return of up to 200%.

Touch in Time

This platform assists traders when the market stability is low. The target price is set and when the touch option is selected, the asset must be higher than this point.

Speed Trading

This platform has proven to be extremely popular for those traders who enjoy taking a risk with their trades. Traders can choose different positions at once.

OptionTime offers its traders the following accounts: Premium, Royal and Exclusive.


This account is aimed towards beginners and offers a wide range of educational tools. The deposit is of $200 with a $250 bonus, mobile app, account manager, video tutorials and an ebook.


A deposit of $1000 is needed along with a $500 bonus with Premium's features, training sessions and market review reports.


The deposit begins with $5000. It includes all the features mentioned above along with off trading training.


  • Bonus of 2500 euros upon joining
  • Minimum deposit is $200
  • Minimum investment is $10
  • CySEC certified
  • Educational tools
  • Updates on the everyday market situation

Customer Support

OptionTime's customer support team offers its services in many different languages: English, Russian, German, French, Italian and Spanish. Its offices are in nine different places around the world. Along with this, twelve other locations can be contacted through international numbers. Traders can always get in touch with the customer support team through email, chat and telephone.


Even though OptionTime is new to the industry, it has been founded by one of the major financial companies. Its new ideas and platform design have attracted a number of traders and offer them good opportunities to expand their trading capabilities.

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