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Company Overview

RBinary is a relatively new name in the binary trading industry as it was only established in late 2014 and has been operational for less than two years. However, despite being operational for a very short time, it has made a good name for itself in the market. The main reason why it is not very popular with EU traders is that its main focus is on Asian trade markets. Even though its main office is in London, it operates out of Bahrain and Russia. Uniquely, it handles customer services for the Hong Kong market via a mailing address.

Trading Platform

RBinary adopts a trading platform that was very recently developed in-house. It is designed to be an easy-to-operate platform despite the trader's experience i.e. it is usable for all traders, whether new or experienced. It includes most of the features and tools that other binary trading platforms have to offer, but it also delivers improvements when it comes to navigation. RBinary is the one to keep up with the changing world, and that's why it has offered mobile trading apps on both Android phones and iPhones. For traders who want to access and trade in the markets while on the go, RBinary provides great ease.


The unique feature that sets RBinary apart from its competition is the TeamViewer feature. It lets traders of each trading type view the listings of all the top trades that have been made for every particular asset. It also displays the names of top traders who made these trades. This is a useful feature for all the new traders who are just starting in binary trading.

Trade Types

Four different trade types are offered at RBinary including Digital options, Range options, Touch options and Turbo options.

Trading Accounts

RBinary provides traders with four different choices of trading accounts to cater to a wide clientele base including Silver, Gold/Power Trader, Platinum and VIP accounts. The amount of minimum deposit increases depending on the type of account.

Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, RBinary conducts these services through the usual mediums including telephone, email and live chat. The impressive feature of RBinary's customer support is the Traders' Education Academy. The company offers a complete series of training material that can be useful for new and experienced traders to help them upgrade their trading skills. Great depth and good presentation make it a very valuable resource.


RBinary is above average in terms of services and product offerings. The quality of its services is not great, but it's not bad either. Most traders will be satisfied with what it has to offer. What's impressive about the company is the quality of its training material, and its high standard can lead one to believe that it is a trading academy instead of a broker. It is ideal for those who are starting as you can try out the demo account and use the educational material to get familiar with the norms of online binary trading.

Office website: https://rbinary.com/

RBinary review
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  • Terry Tanner
    Terry Tanner Guest

    I am a client with Rbinary and I invested £7,500 with this trader and first off I was looked after very well and after about 6weeks I had £34K in our account I was informed that they were working on the website installing a new system my account was transferred to the new system but it was not in the managed section but open to the robot which I had no control over and watched as it decimated my account to £1.43 I have been asking for an explanation but no one will talk with us so for me its a scam all the way

  • romuald schoenfeld
    romuald schoenfeld Guest

    i had only bad experience with rbinary too, first of all they are trading without my permission risking up to 40% per trade!! i told them to risk max. 2%, they ignore it several times. most frustrating thing is withdrawing your money, i´m waiting since oct. 2016 for over $ 10000,- (no bonus problems - they say erverything is fine..) avoid them, they are scammers and thieves!!!