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Company overview

easyMarkets is an online trading service provider that was established back in 2003. It extends its services to as many as 160 countries all around the world. With the help of an easyMarkets account, traders have the opportunity to trade over 175 products, which range from currencies to commodities and metals. The services of the company can be attained on desktop, tablet and smartphone devices.

Personalized FX training programs are also provided to the traders with dealing room specialists giving valuable input.

Trading platform

The company makes use of the well-known and reliable MetaTrader 4 along with a web trading platform. As a result, if you deal with it, you would have the opportunity to log onto any computer and trade without having to go through the process of downloading the software beforehand. A mobile and BlackBerry version is also available. There is a Java-based version as well, which is called TradeDesk. A web trader is available as well.

easyMarkets has fixed spreads, which ensures that the traders are well aware of the cost of placing an order beforehand. The broker is highly reliable as the amount of transactions that are conducted every month is evidence of its reliability. The CFD and commodities trading have floating spreads, but even they are quite tight, which implies that making a rough estimate would not be a difficult task.


  • Fixed spreads available in all market trades, ensuring that you are aware of the investment required beforehand
  • Tight spread which ensures that you are able to trade effectively
  • Forex and commodities have been made available for trading
  • Reliable and well-known trading platform used that is quite stable as well
  • Transactions are easy to conduct. The deposits can be made via credit card, PayPal and wire transfer
  • Accounts can be started with a low amount of $25

Customer service

easyMarkets offers support to its clients via phone. There are various numbers on which it can be reached. The numbers are both European-based and in other countries as well. You can also contact it via email where it is quite responsive. It is available 24 hours a day during forex sessions.


easyMarkets is an all-around dealer that has expanded its line of trading to a number of markets. It is reliable and you do not have any reason to doubt its intentions. It makes use of software that is reliable and well-known, thereby ensuring that you can place your trust in it without any inhibitions. The only negative point that is associated with it is that it does not allow Americans to trade. Apart from that, this company would not give you a reason to complain and will make it certain that you get a platform that makes forex trading feasible and convenient for you. It ensures that you are guided in the right direction. Thus, if you are looking for a reliable trading platform that would provide you with ease and convenience, this is one that you could look up to.

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easyMarkets Review

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