First half year results have been released by Plus 500

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The metrics of first half year has been released by the London stock exchange listed brokerage Plus 500. The reports show the incredible performance of the firm in the last six months upto 30th June 2016.

The reports show the continuous growth of the active customers. According to this report, 12% which is around 104,119 has been increased in the number of new customers. Actually Plus 500 considers this as a satisfactory performance. Moreover this is not a surprising performance for Plus 500 because the firm has already released a report in which the number of customers has been increased.

Actually the firm announced that the performance of it has been suppressed the margins of EBITDA as well as ARPU since the on boarding costs have been incurred from the customers who have join the firm newly. By excluding the on boarding costs and additional acquisition the margin of EBITDA is around 50%.

The operational highlights mentioned in UK market have shown the increase of Plus 500 and also the growth of tablet adoption. However, this segment has shown 68% revenue of the firm has been made as an investment.

Asaf Elimelech, who is the CEO of Plus 500, mentioned that Plus 500 has achieved record breaking results in the first half year and it will continue to grow with many new and active customers. He mentioned that this result is possible by the marketing activity and the volatility of the market. Added to that, he also said that Brexit decision of UK has increased the customer activity.

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