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Trading is not that easy for a novice trader. They lack in skills and information that an expert or highly skilled investor possesses. However, with eToro, even a beginner can get success in their initial trading activities. This broker provides users with the most convenient and straightforward ways so that anyone, from an amateur to an experienced trader, can get the fruit of their efforts.


eToro allows users to copy the trade of not only highly successful traders but anyone they like. As beginners copy the pattern of successful investors or at least learn their trading activities, they get a high chance of getting fruitful results. eToro also allows users to manage their CopyTrader profile in an extremely simple manner.

How to Use CopyTrader?

CopyTrader offers the easiest way to copy the trades of successful investors. Here is how traders can use CopyTrader.

  • First, you will need to open an eToro account. You can choose from the various account types that eToro provides. Once it is created, use one of the given payment methods to fund your account.
  • Open the OpenBook platform, go to its People page, and filter eToro’s best traders.
  • Check investors' profiles and pay attention to their number of copiers, trading stats, and overall portfolios.
  • Once you have found the investor's data you want to copy, click on Copy to start the process.
  • You’ll be requested to state a particular percentage of the funds you wish to allocate to copy trade.
  • After you specified the rate, simply allow copy trading eToro to start.
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