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eToro is a global online trading platform that offers a pleasant, straightforward, and unambiguous method of trading commodities, currencies, indices, and CFD stocks. It is managing the funds of over 4.5 million traders across the world through its unique online investment platforms, which includes the well-known WebTrader. Below is a short review of eToro's WebTrader.

eToro WebTrader

eToro WebTrader is a web-based trading platform that delivers clients almost all the tools required to analyze, examine, and review trades. Not just that, but it also helps users get synchronized with OpenBook for copying the trades of other successful experts.

eToro WebTrader is designed for those clients who wish to trade on their own. Users don't need to download the software on their computer to get started with their trades, as it is utterly web-based. Users can get access to it anywhere as long as they can use the internet. Moreover, it has a user-friendly interface, which makes its core and advanced functionalities easy to understand and operate. It also comes with its integrated tools that help enhance the trading skills of the novice traders.

Main Features

Following are the main features of eToro WebTrader.

  • It doesn’t require any installation as this platform entirely works online.
  • It is a simple, in-depth, and wholly customizable platform.
  • It possesses a broad range of trading tools.
  • It allows you to perform real trading and practice it from any computer that you like.
  • It permits users to trade twenty-four hours a day and five times a week.
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