HotForex PAMM – Mutual Advantages for Partners and Managers

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The HotForex PAMM Account provides forex fund managers and investors sound and transparent conditions of trading that can generate a mutually profitable and fruitful environment. The PAMM system gives much-needed security to its clients and offers them tools that they need to supervise their trading profits, capitals, and much more.

Users can open a HotForex PAMM Account as a PAMM Manager and allocate their funds to their manager account, which will then be called the Manager's Capital. When a PAMM manager efficiently manages the funds of investors and generates a profit, he or she gets a Success Fee, which is a pre-agreed portion or percentage of the profit.

To pick a PAMM manager, investors review the performance of the manager by analyzing them on the PAMM Performance Rankings page. Once reviewed, the investor selects the manager who matches his or her investment goals. Finding a manager is not at all hard with HotForex. Users can quickly find the manager they require from the customizable PAMM Performance Table through filtering results. Clients can filter results by current ranking, active/inactive strategies, minimum deposit, policy name, gain and profits, and the maximum drawdown.

The PAMM managers trade in the market by using not only their own funded capital (Manager's Capital) but also the investor's funds that are present in the account. In short, any amount of gains or losses that are generated from the PAMM Manager's Account will be distributed among all accounts that invest in the Manager Account on an equal basis.

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