FXCM Account Types – Open a Trading Account According to Your Requirements

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FXCM is a prominent forex broker company that allows clients to trade in foreign exchange and CFDs and provides them with spread betting and other related services. The company offers, by far, the most innovative and unique trading tools that traders might not be able to find anywhere else. Here are the details of its different account types:

The Variety of Account Types Offered by FXMC

1. Mini Account

A mini account is recommended for people who are new to trading. This account can easily be opened with just $50. However, the maximum amount can only be $20,000. The leverage of this account type is 50:1, whereas the minimum lot size is 1K. It also provides the user with innovative tools so that they can get assistance in developing good trading habits.

2. Standard Account

A standard account provides users with an incredible experience of trading. It is recommended for those traders who are serious about trading and want access to a complete variety of products as well as the execution of orders without any restrictions. This account can be initiated with $5,000 with a leverage of 50:1.

3. Active Trader Account

This account is for those clients who trade not for the sake of earning profit but as a hobby. Customers with a passion for trading can open this elite account by depositing a minimum balance of $25,000. It also has a leverage of 50:1. Moreover, this account comes with a dedicated support system as well as custom solutions and premium services.

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