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FXOpen is an online goal-oriented trading company whose aim is to make online trading easy, convenient, and accessible to everyone. Its foundations were laid by a party of proficient traders, which pretty much explains the professionalism of this company. The knowledge and experience this company imparts to its traders make it outshine the other online retailers. ECN Trading was first introduced by FXOpen to its clients via the MetaTrader trading platform. It also offered Bitcoin trading, a popular electronic currency, to its clients. FXOpen uses the latest technology and updates it regularly according to the market scenario. Keeping customer satisfaction at the top of its priority list, this company has always served its clients with utmost care and provided them with the most useful trading tools.

Trading Platform

Used by numerous leading online forex companies, MetaTrader is a reputable trading platform. It is used as one of the prime trading platforms by FXOpen. Ideal for trading, buying and selling currencies online, MetaTrader is the most appreciated platform in the market. MT4 is a variant of MetaTrader. Almost more than 90% of transactions are made via MetaTrader. MT4 has been receiving various honors and awards year after another for being the most proficient trading platform in the world of forex trading.


Below are some features of the trading platform MetaTrader 4:

  • User-friendly interface and high execution speed
  • 8 time frames
  • Trading tools available for technical analysis and investigation
  • Regular updates about the market
  • Multiple currencies supported such as Euro, US Dollar, Singapore Dollar, and Hungarian Forint
  • MQL, a computer programming language, supported
  • Execution on request, Instant execution and Market execution performance

Apart from these features, MetaTrader works on the top-notch and latest IT technology that helps it maintain its position in the market. It helps you keep track of your account, which is a commendable and rare-to-find feature.

Customer Support

Natali Dolgar, the support operations manager, is there to help you 24/5. FXOpen also has a separate "Help Center" page, where you can get all your queries addressed. Whenever you need help, just go to the Client Helpdesk and enter your query. A ticket will be generated and it will be responded to in no time at all. Apart from this, it has a 'live chat' option, with the help of which you can chat live with a customer care executive and get your questions answered. On its website, it has also created a separate web page that contains all the helpline numbers from different headquarters across the world.


If we look at it closely, FXOpen has a sound background and fine statistics. The company seems very promising with all the trading opportunities it gives to its customers and the excellent customer services it provides. The platform is excellent for new traders as well as professionals since FXOpen is actually open to all and aims to guide all its customers and clients regardless of their qualification.

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FXOpen Review

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  • TraderFX
    TraderFX Guest

    FXOpen is another one fake ECN broker with their slippages and widened spreads, especially before news. I had an experience with them, so I know what I’m talking about and I see, that I’m not the only one. So if you want to trade with fair ECN broker, I advise you to think hundred times before choosing FXOpen. If you want learn more about this company, add me in skype vovkfx.

  • Pettersen
    Pettersen Guest

    FXOpen is a very good and reliable Forex broker for Professional Forex trading and my trading experience with them has been very positive.

    Have made 3 Bank Wire withdrawals of total 4400$ and they were paid on time.

    They are the Best.

  • Jonas
    Jonas Guest

    Good Support

    I have been trading with FXOpen and they have many types of trading accounts suited for all the traders. This is why i am doing trades with them which allows me to earn more profits.