Beyond Technical Analysis

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Beyond Technical Analysis

Written By Tushar S. Chande

Author Tushar S Chande has been one of the pioneers in this sector who has been scripting excellent trade ideas and Analysis since a long time. The book “Beyond Technical Analysis” deals with the high performance trading systems that will enable you to achieve trading success at a very fast pace. There are many traders who are just average traders and for them, this book is just like a bible. This book by Author Tushar S Chande which has been published in the year 1996 is all about true facts and figures that will enable you to know what are the efficient ideas that will help you to scale trading success like a lot of the trading winners in the past. In the present day time where it is quite difficult to understand the system, Author Tushar S Chande has deduced winning formulas in the grail “Beyond Technical Analysis”. Excellent examples and real time facts and figures make this trading grail one of the best in the current day market. Since its launch there has been a buzz about this book and the number of people reading it has been increasing ever since. For its detailed information this book can be rated 5* out of 5*.

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