Behavioral Finance

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Behavioral Finance

Author: James Montier
Publisher: Wiley; 1 edition (October 11, 2002)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0470844876
Average Rating: 3.5 star

Behavioral Finance is a book written by M. M. Sulphey. The book provides an excellent introductory view of behavioral finance and is a must read for anyone who is pursuing a degree in Management courses. In fact, the book has been included in the curriculum of the Management courses of various colleges across the country of India. It is a very comprehensive and well written book which targets beginners.
Any student who is interested in behavioral finance and does not have any background in the field can start learning with this book. The lucid writing style of the author, the detailed examples included in various chapters, and the comprehensiveness of all concepts makes it the great introductory lesson to the interesting field of behavioral finance.
The book is especially great for anyone who is interested in case studies based on the Indian scene because it deals with concepts and examples relevant to India. The arrangement of chapters is very systematic and facilitates learning and understanding of concepts. It is elaborate, consistent, and commendable. If one was to be suggested an introductory book to the subject, it would be Behavioral Finance by M. M. Sulphey because of how well it describes the concepts to its readers.

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