The Ruff Guide to Trading

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The Ruff Guide to Trading

Author: Steve Ruffley
Publisher: Harriman House (September 30, 2015)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0857194003
Average Rating: 5.0 star

Steve Ruffley has been involved in the world of finances for over 15 years and his experience has truly deepened and become more sophisticated over the time. The chief market strategist and the head of education at InterTrader, Ruffley has seen and learned a lot through practice. To read his book The Ruff Guide to Trading is to see the market through his eyes – the eyes of an expert.
The cleverly titled book does not disappoint in terms of content either. The author has expressed his thoughts and ideas in clear and comprehensible text. This is why this book is so different from others written on the same subject – not only is it comprehensive, it is also very easy to understand. Many books which have been written with conveying information on trading make heavy use of technical jargon which makes them difficult to read and understand.
The book is not very detailed and gives the readers only the information that is relevant to them. It helps them decide which trades they should choose, how to enter a particular trade and when to exit it. Anyone who has little experience with trading and wants to improve their trading skills should definitely read it.

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