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Company Overview

CM Trading, owned by Global Capital Markets Trading Ltd, is a CFD forex broker that joined the market in 2013. CM Trading operates from Johannesburg, South Africa, where its center is established. Another of its center lies in Seychelles. By establishing two different vantage points, CM Trading ensures a full-service trading experience. CM Trading's benchmark lies in its claim towards constant innovation.

Trading Platform

The company is a licensed and regulated forex broker, receiving its license by the Financial Services Board (FSB). CM Trading uses a variety of platforms for trading such as MetaTrader 4, Sirix WebTrader, and Tablet Trader (which provides a mobile optimized website for ease in online transactions). Its services can also be availed through mobile devices since they work with the MT4 app, which enables access from iOS and Android devices.

Nowadays, the most popular trading signal used is copy trading (or social trading). It provides a platform where mutual benefit trading can take place. What makes CM Trading stand out is the Copycat feature available in Sirix.

Apart from that, CM Trading deals with two different leverages. A 200:1 standard forex leverage normally used for commodities and metals, and a 100:1 leverage for popular assets such as brent and crude oil, natural gas, and sugar.

Another helpful feature of the company is its daily forex report, which helps users evaluate their choices and decisions. Furthermore, its "Guardian Angel" acts as an alert to keep the customer updated with any major changes in the market. A MasterCard for owning an account balance over $500 is also offered to customers for immediate transactions.

Funding methods include all major credit/debit cards, bank wire transfers, CashU, and Skrill.


  • The EUR/USD spread is from 2pips
  • Leverage of 1:200 and 1:400 on mini accounts
  • Minimum deposit is set to $200
  • Traditional forex trading offered
  • MT4 and Sirix provide a complete set of access options to choose from
  • Up to 50:1 leverage allowed on CFDs
  • 4 account classifications (with benefits and tighter spreads):
    • Mini: $200 to $900
    • Standard: $1000 to $4900
    • Executive: $5000 to $24999
    • Gold: Over $25000

Customer Support

One thing that CM Trading is proud of is its claim of providing round-the-clock customer service. Support via live chat and email is available. The direct international helpline also allows you to connect with experienced professionals in case of any inquiries or problems. Apart from that, CM Trading contains tools such as Flexi Analysis and Guardian Angel that serve to alert customers to rapid market changes. Apart from that, there are innumerable tutorials available for users to seek help from.


It is remarkable to see a company grow in such a short time, but several professionals do state to be careful about handling leverages of new companies since that might be too risky. CM Trading has attracted and formed a satisfied customer base due to its strong claim of providing security and safety. It has dug its roots deep into the market with its innovative strategies and exceptional handling.
this company can benefit you a great deal.

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CM Trading Review

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  • Putera Yusof Abdul Ghafar
    Putera Yusof Abdul Ghafar Guest

    I love how fast the fund deposit and withdrawal processes were proceeded by CMTrading in comparison to my previous broker which took more than a week and not really responsive on the process updates. With minimum deposit of $1000, I received my intercash master card for free and it's even more convenient to ease funding/withdrawing processes.

  • Florijan
    Florijan Guest

    CMTrading offers a Signal platform called CopyKat which if utilized correctly will be one of the greatest assets to your trading arsenal. You have to be able to take risks and be smart about them. If you manage to balance your own bidding with the signals, you will be successful!

  • Marija
    Marija Guest

    CMTrading's support takes the meaning of the word support to another level! Their support is the best in the Forex world, hands down. However, they are not available during the weekends, when withdrawals aren't processed too. The one thing that might drive away young trades is the mid-range minimum deposit of $250. I highly recommend it if you are willing to deposit $250 and be ready to receive great support and gain invaluable knowledge!

  • Chris
    Chris Guest

    Great review on a fast growing broker which deserves our attention. Even tho their support is not available during the weekends it is on the of the best Support departments in Forex. I love how fast deposits and withdrawals are processed which is very convenient. Thank you

  • Kyle Duncan
    Kyle Duncan Guest

    I love the CopyKat dudes and gals. It is a great place to start learning the trade. Alongside with their webinars and e-book I learned a lot. Trading for a few months now and I am more than pleased!

  • Alex
    Alex Guest

    The 20% deposit bonus is ‘just’ a bonus from CMTrading! The real value of CMTrading comes from the Sirix platform and the free signals. The CopyKat is part of Sirix and is what gives you the real meaning of the phrase 'Social trader'
    9/10 Highly recommended broker

  • Ken
    Ken Guest

    Most of my experiences with CMTrading were positive, however a brick wall for myself was that their support is not available during the weekend when I am the most active, because I work full time Mon-Fri. However, I managed to get through this issue by setting up a daily trading routine of two hours. The guys at CMTrading were understanding and very helpful.
    Thank you to you CMTrading, and to you dear reader, and hopefully we will meet at the Sirix platform, the social trading platform of CMTrading

  • Christina
    Christina Guest

    Great review on CMTrading. I've been trading with them for a couple of months and I am very excited about the level of trading I can do because of their great platforms. The Sirix platform is especially helpful in building connections with other traders, and the CopyKat feature is a game changer

  • Alexandr
    Alexandr Guest

    For me CMTrading was the place where I found secure and user-friendly trading surrounding. Before going live on CMTrading, for a brief period I traded with another broker (More on this on the broker's review page) which was awful. After going live on CMTrading the combination of Signals, My knowledge, training videos and the Sirix platform was a win-win situation for me. 9.5/10 Highly recommended!

  • Jon
    Jon Guest

    CMTrading is a good, user-friendly broker which gives withdrawals super fast, and also has free Signals. Downside for me was that most of my trades were on the weekend when support wasn't as available as usual. However, their Sirix platform is the place to go!

  • Boyana
    Boyana Guest

    Great post on CMTrading. I have very positive experience with CMTrading for the past 6 months. After joining the Sirix, social trading platform I hang out and chat with fellow traders who provide me with signals to further boost my earnings!

  • Laura Reynolds
    Laura Reynolds Guest

    Great article on CMTrading. The thing that I find the most convenient about CMTrading is their MasterCard being available worldwide! I am a person that travels a lot with my husband, and being able to withdraw money from any ATM worldwide is a major convenience.

    Shout out to the guys at CMTrading, keep up the good work!

  • Lily Singh
    Lily Singh Guest

    CMTrading offers great promotions. I trade with them for 6 months now and I am thankful for all the bonuses. Other than the bonus they are pretty straight forward broker with a few tweaks like the Sirix platform.

  • Sam Barret
    Sam Barret Guest

    CMtrading always was a fair game for myself. I found myself struggling with profits before switching to the sirix platform which was a huge boost to me. Kudos to the guys at CMtrading!

  • Aleksandar Ivanov
    Aleksandar Ivanov Guest

    CMTrading offers stability and security. They are regulated and legit which means that they will not scam you. However I will recommend to be careful in the Forex world and use a simple trading platform, something for which CMTrading is known for. Their Sirix platform and MT4 are simple and user friendly.

  • Archie
    Archie Guest

    I experienced losses for my initial trading before I went across CM trading as I heard that they provide Copykat trading facility. Not bad. For beginner like me, I am much helped as I can monitor and copy trades from professionals. It was abit complicated at first but fortunately, someone call me from trading department and assist me well. Keep it going!

  • Chris
    Chris Guest

    I've seen people hate on CMTrading for reported 'scams' but I had a very different experience. My initial deposit of $300 turned up to $1650 in 3 months! I am a fairly new forex trader and with the help of CMTrading I brought my game to the next level! Kudos to CMTrading, love you guys!

  • Dragan
    Dragan Guest

    "I've seen people hate on CMTrading for reported 'scams' but I had a very different experience. My initial deposit of $300 turned up to $1650 in 3 months! I am a fairly new forex trader and with the help of CMTrading I brought my game to the next level! Kudos to CMTrading, love you guys!"

  • James
    James Guest

    So far my experience with CMTrading is fairly positive. They offer sweet 20% deposit bonus and have fair spreads, however when I travel to the USA I can't trade. However it only travel for short periods of time and it isn't a deal breaker, and I can still use their MasterCard. The Sirix platform is fun place to be and socialize with fellow traders. Happy trading, James Sawyer, 05.2017

  • Clementine
    Clementine Guest

    CMTrading offers most different trading options which allowed me to progress through my career faster. Their 20% deposit bonus gives you the push you need to start growing your account and grind on a daily basis.

  • Jones Cresswell
    Jones Cresswell Guest

    I love using the Sirix platform that CMTrading offers since that is where I found the greatest success with CopyKat trading and social trading overall. I am glad that I found this unique platform in order to achieve greater success in my Trading career.

  • Daffy
    Daffy Guest

    Good charts without unnecessary gaps and minimal slippage giving the best environment for my trading experience. Speedy deposit and withdrawal is also my top priority when I choosing a good broker. Top notch broker!

  • Frank
    Frank Guest

    I wasn't progressing enough at the start of my career, mainly to the lack of learning material. CMTrading provided me with enough to learn and prosper.

  • Lily
    Lily Guest

    I’ve been trading with CMTrading for a few months now. They offer a lot of different trading options which brings variety on the table. Also, their e-book and their webinars will teach you a lot of things. Last but not least, their support is one of the greatest you will find in the FX World. The Sirix platform is just another addition to overall great broker.

  • Liljana
    Liljana Guest

    Bonuses can be the difference between success and failure! Having the right bonus to give you extra resources to catch that pip is all that matter sometimes! Cheers to my team at CMTrading!

  • Ramon
    Ramon Guest

    CMTrading is great for starters. It offers them enough support and learning material for them to be successful. For me as a seasoned trader I enjoyed their different trading options

  • Kevin
    Kevin Guest

    Forex on a daily basis is what became my custom. However my 9-5 job often times doesn't allow me to have enough time to analize. This is where the Sirix platfotm comes into play! The free signals are my best friend!

  • Thomas
    Thomas Guest

    When I was starting out I had no support or someone to discuss my strategy, however that changed when I joined the Sirix platform. It really is empowering when you can discuss with other traders.

  • Shawn
    Shawn Guest

    An important part of a good broker is having enough options to trade with. A great way to improve yourself is to test trading with different options and even oil and gold!

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan Guest

    The Sirix platform is what sets them apart from the rest of great brokers. Sometimes you really need a push from your peers to catch that last pip!

  • Eric
    Eric Guest

    I was stunned at the start of my career due to a scam and illegitimate broker. However, CMTrading made up for the loss in the form of bonus, so basically my second deposit was the bonus to my account!

  • Steven
    Steven Guest

    Landing a great deal of bonuses is always a great way to boost your trading potential. CMTrading offers great bonuses and gifts that will help you out.

  • Tony
    Tony Guest

    They are legit broker with great reputation and name for themselves. They built trust among their clients and were able to offer me safe trading space! Their mastercard is very valuable asset too!

  • Edward
    Edward Guest

    Sirix utilization to the fullest! The greatest thing is that I am trading with my friends from all over the world. Sharing signals and lots. Achieveing greatness!

  • Ronald
    Ronald Guest

    Their Sirix platform is a game changer. Being able to trade with your peers and sharing signals is next level of trading!

  • Philip
    Philip Guest

    Fake news are bed people! CMTrading are honest and legit broker, don't destroy their reputation with your nonsence

  • Anthony
    Anthony Guest

    Trading with CMTrading is a pleasure. Moving to a new place and while I get everything right, I am trading with their androind app.

  • Robert
    Robert Guest

    CMTrading is a wonderful place to start as a trader. I never had enough time to study on my own, and CMTrading studying plan and material really pushed me helped me to learn how to trade.

  • Andon
    Andon Guest

    I've had a few issues while I got the MasterCard, but eventually the support helped me sort out the problem!

  • Mary
    Mary Guest

    I was stunned at the start of my career due to a scam and illegitimate broker. However, CMTrading made up for the loss in the form of bonus, so basically my second deposit was the bonus to my account!