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Company Overview

FXCL Market Ltd. is a brokerage company established in 2008 that aims to service its clients' investment needs and is dedicated to helping them pursue their financial goals. FXCL Markets Ltd. is regulated by the International Financial Services Commission of Belize and was registered in Belize. It was given license for trading in financial and merchandises and other securities, thus enabling the company to carry out brokerage activity, make agreements, and conduct transactions in the global market.

The objective of FXCL is to make its customers' transactions quick and accurate, make trading for them easy and simple, and provide high-level support and pleasant bonuses to its clients to make their experience enjoyable.

Trading Platforms

FXCL Market Ltd. provides its customers with the most advanced, powerful, versatile and extensively used MetaTrader 4 platform to help them make educated trading decisions.

Another platform offered is the Binarystation platform, which is designed specifically for binary operations. This platform requires no downloading and can be used online.

Furthermore, the company provides its clients with the opportunity to keep in touch with their trade no matter wherever they are by offering a mobile platform. It helps manage trade through smartphones and tablets. FXCL offers MT4 for iPhone, MT4 for Android, Binarystation for iPhone and Binarystation for Android.


One of the most important features is Expert Advisors, which is written in MetaQuotes Language 4 (MQL 4). These are advanced automated trading systems that analyze current market situations, open/close positions, and place/delete/modify orders. The Advisor not only informs the customer about market conditions that are suitable for their criteria of buying and selling but also automatically places orders without the user's participation.

Furthermore, the integrated newsfeed provides traders with up-to-date information, allowing them to follow global events without drawing their attention away from trading.

More than 30 built-in indicators provide great assistance to its users. Traders have the option to use the built-in ones or write their own using MetaQuotes Language 4.

Customer Support

FXCL Market Ltd. provides technical assistance to its clients using a variety of methods. Its highly skilled and professional representatives can be reached through live chat, Skype call, email or telephone call. The agents help out their customers in the best way possible with their vast knowledge and expertise in the field of trading and brokerage.

The company's website is available in 11 languages, which includes English, Portuguese, Indonesian, and Spanish.

Moreover, the FAQ page is very helpful for users as it contains ample questions answered clearly and precisely, making them easier for the trader to comprehend.


FXCL Markets Ltd. is a reputable forex broker that offers attractive terms suitable for all trading strategies, combines forex and binary options trading on the same account, continuously offers bonuses, provides safe and secure payment options, delivers the best commission in the market, and provides free education from experienced traders.

Office website: https://fxclearing.com/

FXCL Review

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