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Company Overview

FXFlat offers online stock trading to its users with a special emphasis on CFDs (Contract for Difference) and forex (foreign exchange). It is widely regarded as one of the best online stock brokerages, winning numerous accolades from various institutes and magazines for the reliability of its service. Based in Germany, FXFlat holds its customer accounts at partner banks in Britain and Germany. FXFlat is also the frontrunner in client privacy and security by offering a high level of customer deposit protection.

Trading Platforms

FXFlat offers 3 different trading platforms to its users. FlatTrader Pro is a platform that offers auto-trading i.e. it allows traders to choose from thousands of integrated strategies. It also allows traders to work in real time with chart packages. Coupled with improved connectivity and faster execution, this makes it a popular choice among online traders.

For those users who find FlatTrader Pro too complicated, FXFlat has the reliable MetaTrader 4 which is well suited for CFD and forex trades as it allows users to trade in real time in more than 120 currency pairs. With expert analysis only a click away, MetaTrader 4 ensures that traders are never too far away from professional help. Another great benefit of using MetaTrader is its mobile apps that enable the user to view the ever-changing online trading industry on the move and adjust and adapt accordingly so as to ensure greater profits. MetaTrader mobile apps are available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices.

An extension of MetaTrader 4 is the fast and simple online trading platform called the WebTrader Pro, which offers its users the essential features that are needed for worldwide CFD and forex trades.

For those users who avoid using MetaTrader 4, FXFlat also provides an alternate online trading platform called the AlphaTrader, which was designed for algorithmic trading. By serving as a real-time trading platform, AlphaTrader enables a chartist environment which allows users a stronger foothold in the online trading business.


  • Free account management
  • Free MetaTrader 4, WebTrader, and AlphaTrader
  • Free iOS and Android apps
  • No additional fees for loss statements
  • Deposits and payouts by bank transfer and instant transfer are free of charge
  • No minimum commission
  • High client deposit security
  • Absolutely reliable
  • Micro-Lots (1.000), Mini-Lots (10.000) and Standard-Lots (100.000) for all forex trading accounts

Customer Support

FXFlat offers customer support in 8 languages, namely German, English, Italian, Spanish, Polish, French, Turkish and Russian. It values its customers which is why for their ease, it offers a 24-hour hotline. Moreover, FXFlat also offers live chat that allows traders to talk to professionals about their problems and in turn ensures a productive environment. Complaints and queries can also be emailed to FXFlat that will reply to the complaint on the same day.


FXFlat is a respectable brand when it comes to CFD and forex trade. It boasts an impressive client list and an even more impressive customer satisfaction rate. Recently, it announced a partnership with FXCM, which means that its clientele and influence will surely increase in the years to come.

Office website: https://fxflat.com/

FXFlat Review

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