7 Winning Strategies for Trading Forex


Author: Grace Cheng
Harriman House Limited
Publish date:
January 1, 2007
Average Rating:
3.8/5 Average Rating

I have already read this book, and I must warn you that it isn’t a great tool if you are looking for advanced content. The author intended this book to be purely for beginners, so I think I will pass it to a friend who’d like to get started with Forex Trading. The 7 Winning Strategy for Trading Forex is very basic, but it is well written. I love the fact that it does not have any mistakes, and it does not offer false hope to any reader.

With that said, I know many new traders out there are often searching for the best trading strategies that work. The truth is best strategies are hard to find, and because you are a new trader, you are more likely to fail at discovering what truly works. If you have already engaged in trading, maybe for just a few months, you will realize that some strategies do not work; you might even start complaining that trading isn’t the right gig for you. What new traders  like you do not understand is that you cannot do well in trading if you do not have the right strategy, for any market condition.

This book walks you through market concepts, and it brings to your attention the possibility of success in Forex Trading.


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