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Company overview

TradeKing is an online stock broker company which offers you the opportunity to make use of a variety of trading options, which can prove to be highly beneficial in building your portfolio. There are ample great features which are offered by the company. They have an active trading network, which allows you to connect with other traders to exchange knowledge and ideas and seek advice.

Trading platform

The online platform is rather simple. You are unlikely to have any problem in navigation. It is, however, not as customizable as other options out there. You do not have many options when it comes to bringing about a change in the layout. You can shift around sections, but that's about it. You will have the opportunity to access the resources, which can prove to be highly beneficial. In addition to this, a number of trading tools are available at your disposal. Using these tools, you can ensure that you are able to keep a tab on the market movements and keep track of your account with ease.

The market snapshots along with the stats provide you with real-time and long-term views. With the help of snapshots, you can acquire quick pictures of the proceedings of the market, while the stat chart will provide you with information regarding the 200-day averages of stock. You can also use the tools to view company profiles and financial reports along with company equity and profit margins. You can also get your hands on the streaming quotes.

The company offers you technical analysis along with research reports. Using this, you can decide what your future course of action should be. With the complex information laid out in simple chart form, you can be assured that understanding anything would not be difficult for you.

You also have the option of accessing the online platform via the mobile version of the site or you can download the app for the purpose.


  • Extra hours trading and auto trading
  • Mobile and desktop version site
  • App for iPhone and Android
  • Extensive information and reports provided
  • Snapshots and stats
  • Technical analysis offered

Customer support

The company strives to ensure that its clients are provided with all the information that can prove to be beneficial for them. You can contact its representatives during business hours via phone, email or through live chat.

In addition to this, the education center that it has established will give you all the information you require to make up your mind regarding your investment.


With the non-tiered rates and ample features, there is no denying that this company seems like the ideal deal. It is one of those companies that strive to ensure that people who associate with them do not feel abandoned at any given time. With its support, you can be confident that you will be able to make decisions that are profitable for you. This is a company whose reliability you do not have to question. It will leave you impressed with its services and features.

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TradeKing Review

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