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Company Overview

Founded in 1988, Windsor Brokers is one of the oldest online stockbrokers in the online trading business, operating out of Limassol, Cyprus. Licensed and regulated by CySec, Windsor Brokers offers multiple funding options along with interest-free (Islamic) accounts. In-depth market analysis, free trading signals, and live economic indicator releases are just some of the few benefits offered by Windsor Brokers. Recently celebrating its 25-year anniversary, it has planted its feet firmly in the online trading business.

Trading Platform

When it comes to trading platforms, Windsor Brokers has opted for the reliable and popular MetaTrader 4. Moreover, the trading platform offered by Windsor Brokers is an exclusive version of MetaTrader 4, called the Windsor MT4 desktop platform, which has been optimized according to the needs of its clients.

The Windsor MT4 Desktop is made for traders seeking real-time charts and in-depth market analysis. This trading platform provides automated trading as well as full account management, which allows traders a better control over their transactions. Trade execution is simple with one-click trading and order execution capabilities. Furthermore, the unquestionable reliability and user-friendly interface of MetaTrader 4 have only contributed in improving the online trading experience for its users.

Another Windsor Brokers exclusive extension of MetaTrader 4 is the Windsor MT4 Multi-Terminal, which is marketed to money managers and allows them to have absolute control over various transactions with a single click from a single platform.

Windsor Brokers offers up to 10 different accounts to its clients. The Binary Options Trading Account (which is the simplest account on this platform and ideal for beginners) and the Executive Trading Account (which is the choice of most investors) are both very popular in the Windsor Broker online trading community. However, a revolutionary new account called the GWAZY has been launched, which is the ideal solution for new traders looking to get into the online trading scene as it offers all the benefits and none of the complications.

Other account types include Mega Trading Account, Dynamic STP Trading Account, Mini Trading Account, Dynamic Fixed Spread Trading Account, Standard Trading Account, Micro Trading Account, and the Demo Trading Account. Each is subtly different than the other and has its own incentives.


  • Registered with the AMF (France) and BaFin (Germany)
  • Zero commissions on forex, CFDs and precious metals
  • Maximum leverage up to 1:500
  • Automated mirror trading
  • Automated execution
  • Spreads as low as 0.2 pip
  • One-click transactions
  • Hedging capabilities
  • Multiple funding options and order types
  • Free in-depth market analysis, reports, trends and charts

Customer Support

Windsor Brokers prides itself on taking care of its clients' needs and demands. Its website offers live chat as well as 24/5 dealing desk support. Windsor Brokers is well aware of its worldwide clientele, which is why it offers support in 13 languages, namely English, Greek, Arabic, Persian, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Russian, German, Romanian, Serbian, and Polish. Clients can also submit their queries via phone, fax, email, or mail.


Windsor Brokers is truly a pioneer in the field of online trading. Providing extensive support for its clients in CFD and forex trading, it comes as no surprise that one of the oldest online brokerage firms is also one of the most well respected as it has picked up various awards down the years.

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Windsor Brokers Review

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