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Company Overview

Established in the year 2009, the company XM has grown significantly as a forex broker in the Republic of Cyprus. Its holding company Trading Point Holdings Ltd was founded by some interbank dealers who wanted to expand their horizon and move towards the community of forex trading. XM gave them the passage to trade in not only commodities but also CFDs and forex markets. Since the company is based in Cyprus, it is regulated by the policies of the Eurozone countries such as meeting the minimum fiduciary standard set by the Eurozone. This provides its users with added security, giving XM an air of trust.

Trading Platform

XM provides a variety of trading platforms, including XM MetaTrader 4 and XM WebTrader 4. XM MetaTrader 4 is considered to be one of the most reliable and secure forex trading platforms in the world, giving XM an air of credibility like no other. This, when added to its powerful trading tools and manual and automated trading opportunities in the presence of expert advisors, makes XM stand out amongst its competitors.

The XM WebTrader 4 comes with similar tools with the added benefit of not having to download any specific software and being able to be accessed anywhere around the globe. You can make the same trades with the same ease of access, but all you would require is a browser and internet access to make it all happen.


  • XM takes into account the nature of all its users. This is determined by the account types and features it offers, specific to its client's needs.
  • It offers its users a deposit bonus of up to five hundred US dollars.
  • There is a zero percent rate of rejection of orders and an efficiency rate of 99.35%.
  • It offersexpert advisors to each trader so that they can take advice before making any trade.
  • Islamic, Managed, Demo and Low Risk account types make it all the easier for all kind of traders to take advantage of XM's trading opportunities.
  • No surcharges are made in terms of commission, but like most trading companies, the charges are in terms of spreads that are based on the time the trade is conducted through them.
  • The choice to opt for fixed or variable spreads is also provided to its users.

Customer Support

The client is held in the highest regard by XM, which is probably why its website is multilingual with the option of choosing between twenty languages. The customer support services of XM representatives are available 24 hours a day, five days a week, through the following platforms:

  • Live chat
  • Email
  • Telephone calls
  • Fax


The move that XM has made to change the environment of the market by considering all types of users has had an incredibly positive impact on its image in the forex trading community. In fact, its No Requote policy is gaining increased popularity and helps it stand out amongst other brokers.

Office website: https://xm.com/

XM Review

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