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Company Overview

AL Trade is a broker headquartered in the UK, providing traders with access to the forex market since 2003. Since its establishment, the company aims to provide both its individual as well as corporate customers with high-quality forex trading services. The company is aware of the vast size and scope of the world's largest financial market, which is the forex.

Since 2003, the company has been evolving by adding a variety of new services with trading in gold, silver, CFD on DAX Index Futures and oil being introduced in 2007.

Trading Platform

In 2004, the AL Trade replaced the MetaTrader 3 platform with MetaTrader 4, which is being used till now. This highly technological platform is very user-friendly as well as fully functional. Clients can manage their trading activities flexibly with extensive options for commands.

The MetaTrader 4 platform is not only available for traders to be used on the company's website but can be downloaded as an application on their phones. AL Trade offers its clients with four other versions of MetaTrader 4. MetaTrader 4 for iPhone (that is available for iPhone and iPad users), MetaTrader 4 for Android (which can be downloaded by Android users), MetaTrader 4 for Windows Mobile (accessible for Windows users) and MetaTrader 4 for Windows Mobile SE (for users who have Windows Phone OS on their smartphones).

The above platforms enable traders to view the technical analysis and graphical representation of their trade. The built-in financial instruments and more than 30 technical indicators help traders make decisions on whether to open or close a trade position.


AL Trade enables its clients to deal with various financial instruments like currencies, CFDs and precious metals all from a single account. It also gives the ability to trade in different currencies including euro, Great Britain pound and US dollar. Additionally, traders do not suffer losses more than the amount of money present in their accounts i.e. the risk level is constrained by the amount invested by them. Also, the information regarding each customer is kept confidential by AL Trade in a tax-free jurisdiction so that clients need not worry from taxation agencies coming after them. Furthermore, clients have the option to try out a demo account and check out the services offered by the company. It is also helpful for inexperienced traders, especially those who need to see how forex trading works and want to gauge the risks involved in it.

Customer Support

AL Trade has hired a multilingual team of highly experienced professionals who provide assistance to their clients 24/7 through email, live chat, web form or personally at their offices.

For further support, the company's website is available in 3 other languages other than English: Italian, German and Russian.


AL Trade provides its clients with a safe and reliable environment for trading online and intends to offer the most competitive trading conditions with facilities like low spreads, mobile trading, and other trade benefits.

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AL Trade Review

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    Richard Guest

    Spread 3 pips, bonuses, extremely high leverage, all these things mean that this broker is a market maker, so it will be always against you. Offshore registration makes your trading too risky, I advise you to choose only regulated 100% STP/ECN broker. If you don’t know how to choose it, I will help you. Just add me to skype - vovkfx.