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Company Overview

Finotec is an online brokerage firm which provides its users the optimal trading conditions for their forex activities. Since its inception in 1998, Finotec has been a pioneer of retail forex trade. In 2008, Finotec took an educated decision to move to its current Match Principal business model, which has now enabled it to boast proudly that its business is always in line with its clients' ambitions. This transformation has also allowed Finotec to provide its clients with a way to trade with the lowest markups and commissions. It has always had the goal of creating the most user-friendly environment which, when coupled with its high level of transparency, makes trading with Finotec a remarkable experience. It took the latest stage of its evolutionary process in 2013 when it transformed into its current form of boutique FX Prime Brokerage.

Trading Platform

Finotec provides services to its clients to set up their own brokerages, which is why it has opted for MetaTrader 4 Bridge and White Label trading platforms. MT4 allows traders to assess the market and make transactions with just one click. It also provides expert advisors who comment on traders' moves in the market and guide them in making decisions which would ultimately yield maximum profits.

Another reason for the huge popularity of the MetaTrader 4 platform is that it is available across multiple mobile platforms. It has mobile applications which are available for iOS, Windows Phone, and Android systems. These apps enable traders to assess the market in real time and make decisions no matter where they are. These applications have increased the level of convenience for online traders and has made trading quite simple and effective.


  • The ability to trade with low markups
  • Low commissions
  • Zero conflict of interest
  • Maximum transparency
  • Expert knowledge coupled with a highly professional and responsive service
  • Minimum initial deposit of $200
  • Leverage of up to 1:200
  • Hedge funds enabled
  • Investment managers for every account
  • Variable spreads up to 3.0 pips
  • Value-added services for each client type
  • Give clients direct access to our strong relationships with the world’s top tier banks and ECNs
  • Central single margin accounts clearing solution
  • Aggregation of our counterparts’ prices

Customer Support

Finotec offers one of the most comprehensive customer support systems. It understands the diversity that exists among its clientele and has thus made its website available in multiple languages such as English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. These language options make trading much easier for those traders who aren't comfortable enough in trading in any language other than their own. Moreover, clients can register their complaints via mail, email, phone, or fax, and the firm promises to reply as soon as possible.


Finotec is a great online brokerage firm that has distinguished itself from its rivals with its unique business model. It not only provides options for low commissions, high leverage, and transparent forex and CFD trading but also enables its clients to make their personal trading platforms.

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Finotec Review

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