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Company Overview

GetStocks is an online trading financial market which was initiated in the year 2013. The nature of its work is different from other online brokerage firms since GetStocks deals in the actual purchase of stocks as listed on some of the major stock markets. It aims at providing traders with long-term benefits for their investment. The online business allows new investors to invest in the stocks with confidence while trusting in the service.

Trading Platform

GetStocks provides its clients with the world's largest social trading platform for stocks. The online trading site has changed the way stocks used to be sold. The process now has become very simple and appealing as a result of the introduction of this site. Anybody can get access to the global stock market with ease while following the trends of the successful traders, making their way towards huge profits. The platform also allows experienced traders to charge a monthly fee to their followers in exchange for their services, hence making it a profitable platform for both amateurs and experienced traders. Together with making the process simple, the business also aims at providing ease to its clients via offering its mobile app. Through this app, clients are free to trade stock through their smartphone.

The traders in this service can get access to a single currency trading account only after depositing some funds. After depositing the funds, you will be provided with two possible options: either to trade stocks on your own or to gain the services of an experienced trader for a nominal fee via subscribing to them.


  • Experienced traders get a chance to make some additional money in exchange for their experience and knowledge provided to amateurs
  • Copy trading feature makes the process hassle free
  • Fee for the transactions is reasonable
  • The mobile app provides ease
  • Allows amateurs to trade stocks in the most profitable manner

Customer Support

The customer support provided by GetStocks is only available through telephone and email. In the case of any difficulty, the trader is free to call or mail the customer service for the sake of lodging a complaint or solving a concern. Unlike a lot of other online businesses, GetStocks does not provide its clients with a live chat option, which is a drawback that the business needs to work on.


The online platform is the first of its kind in the business of trading stocks. GetStocks allows first-time traders to gain experience from regular investors while allowing the regular ones to provide their services to the amateurs for a reasonable amount. In this way, it helps both the beginners and regular traders in making a profit. Thus, the social trading site has gained quite a bit of popularity. Moreover, the transparency with which everything is done under GetStocks makes it desirable for clients to opt for its services.

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GetStocks Review

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