Adventures of a Currency Trader


Author: Rob Booker
Publish date:
January 1, 2007
Average Rating:
3.7/5 Average Rating

Rob Cooker, the author, manages to pull off an interesting read on an otherwise cryptic subject. The author is almost comical as he presents common trading errors that people commit on the financial market. Most people find reading process books quite tedious and mundane. Cooker breaks away from the tradition by presenting hard facts on a light note.

You will be forgiven if you get engrossed in the book for the better part of your evening. Nevertheless, being funny does not in way downgrade the educational and informative value of this book. It is a vivid description to the current volatile foreign exchange markets. You can actually make huge profits if you play your cards well. The story is told through the character of Harry Banes, the main character.

Harry Banes starts out as a rookie trader but soon learns how to rake in huge profits from the quickly fluctuating financial markets. As is the case in real life, he faces many disappointments but does not let them bog him down for long. Like Banes, initial failures should not deter you from pressing on. The text; therefore, reads like a simple and interesting guide to foreign exchange financial markets activities.


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