Enhancing Trader Performance


Author: Brett N. Steenbarger
Wiley Trading
Publish date:
November 3, 2006
Average Rating:
4/5 Average Rating

In my opinion, Enhancing Trader Performance by Brett N. Steenbarger is a great book. And I am not saying it’s good because many readers think or say so, but, rather, because it focuses entirely on how businesspersons can develop and nurture their trading skills. Not only does Brett teach about competence, expertise, and the difference between the two, but also the author spends a lot of time focusing on emotions and trading. This artwork is competitive and performance oriented, and Brett does a good job connecting and relating trade terms and relationships in a way I could never write myself.

I am quite thankful I got the opportunity to read this book, particularly because it explains trading and trading performance in a straightforward manner without unnecessary information in between. Brett’s argument is that trade performance can be measured using three metrics: mechanics, strategy and tactics.  He argues that these metrics can work well only if properly articulated and consistently improved. To improve these metrics,  you would have to use learning loops, and although these learning loops are going to have significantly lower effects on the outcome, they will add up to improving trading performance in the end and overall, to say the least.


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