Forex Analysis and Trading


Author: Joseph Brusuelas and T. J. Marta
Publish date:
December 1, 2009
Average Rating:
3.5/5 Average Rating

Before I tell you what I believe this book is about, it would be wise to tell you a little about what I thought after reading it. The book is well written. There is a non-ending flow of ideas, and each chapter connects well with the other. And although Forex Analysis and Trading is somewhat old, it ‘s amazing to see that people still value and treat it as one of the best trading guide today. One other incredible feature I noticed with this book is that it is compact. The author goes straight to the point. He does not beat around the bush to drive points home, and he does not add fluffs to the content of the book at all.

We know for a fact that that the Forex Market is huge. We also know that there are tremendous opportunities out there, which means you can make good money trading without worrying about your daytime job. But your success in Forex trading will hugely be determined by how well you analyze the Forex market. Forex Analysis and Trading will help you identify the best approaches to Forex Analysis. This will help you learn how to analyze profitable currency as well as making decisions regarding major currencies.


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