High Performance Trading


Author: Steve Ward
Ingram Pub Services
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3.6/5 Average Rating

Traders from all walks of life are working hard because they want to succeed. And we know for a fact that trade can be a sweet venture and sometimes a dangerous one. If you are among the traders who would like to do thing right and make a living trading or as a part time job, you will find the book High Performance Trading a unique material to read. The Author, Steve Ward, provides you with the best trading techniques to help you get better in trading.

This book is rich in ideas; every technique and practical strategy will help traders of all experience level to not only enhance their trading performance, but also improve their psychology.

It’s been awhile since I read a great book with a practical coaching approach, and I must agree that this is one such a great book I think what makes this book quite interesting is the fact that it’s base on personal experience  as well as latest research and feedback from the writer. The book ahs advice from leading traders, training psychologists and trading coaches, making it  a perfect tool for those who have the passion to truly learn more about trading.


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