HiWayFX: World Rally Forex

| August 14, 2016 | 0 Comments

Contest name: World Rally Forex

Contest period: One month

Contest detail: World Rally Forex is a forex competition which is conducted every month. The participants can showcase and sharpen their trading skills and win cash prizes without any risk. Participants should finish the line at the month in order to earn maximum points. The competition will be restarted at every month end.


1st place – $1500

2nd place – $1000

3rd place – $800

4th place – $200

5th place – $150

How to participate: Create a trading account and register for the competition.

Withdrawal: The amount won by the participant will be transfer to their trading account in terms of tradable bonus. Participants can withdraw the profit at anytime they want.

Link: https://www.hiwayfx.com/world-rally-forex

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