Inside the House of Money


Author: Steven Drobny
John Wiley & Sons
Publish date:
January 1, 2006
Average Rating:
4/5 Average Rating

If the subject of global financial trading is new to you, it will be necessary to do a little further research on your own. Steven Drobny bases his information on Global Macro hedge funds, which may not be too familiar to some readers. The hedge fund allows traders to do business in any financial market using any class of assets.

The interview with Leitner in the book is particularly inspiring. Leitner’s definition of some terms is clearly unorthodox but quite easy to grasp. In addition to this, the book focuses on interviews with professional speculators with a keen eye on global macroeconomic occurrences. The various factors that affect global trading are brought to the fore. They include world politics, raw materials and the state of each country, among others.

The use of the first person’s point of view is also quite appropriate. It helps the reader get into the mind of the professional speculators and discover how they think. They are able to see the financial world through their eyes. Nevertheless, the author does not delve into the dynamics of financial markets. You get everything from the horse’s mouth but any further information can be gleaned from other sources. This is a great book for general readers.


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