Options Trading


I loved this book for two reasons: it is simple to read, and it has a solid title. In fact, it is so far the best trading book that I have ever read. Even before I tell you what the book is about, it would be great if I told you my thoughts about Options Trading. The book is worth your time and money. The author of the book uses the simplest language possible to explain complex information. Although you might find this book a little bit general in the very first pages, I would suggest that you continue reading it. You will certainly not miss the flow.

This book is for people who would like to know about the A to Zs of options trading. Yes, it is a beginner’s book, so you might not find it useful if you are already making a lot of money trading option. You will not only read the history of options trading but also you will understand the benefits of trading options. If you are looking for the best book to help you become a great options trader, this could be the only best book that you will need to read, to say the least.


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