Sentiment in the Forex Market


Author: Jamie Saettele
Publish date:
August 4, 2008
Average Rating:
3.3/5 Average Rating

Sentiment in the Forex Market is considered an essential tool in today’s market. I have read a number of negative reviews about this book on Amazon, but I do not quite agree to what most people said about it. For example, saying that the book is a dangerous guide, a bad book or a useless resource without reasons to support such claims is completely lame.

My take regardless of the negative venoms from a few readers on Amazon is that Sentiment in the Forex Market is a great book full of unique content. The book is spot on; no fluffs, no lies, no nothing. As I read this book, I realized that I could actually use the ideas here to create a scalable and workable trading plan. I also noticed that the author uses unique examples and formulas to communicate, making this book one of the single most useful materials for serious traders.

This is a great book for traders with experience. Some methodologies used here are complex; they require experience and time to understand. Although a newbie is welcome to read the Sentiment in the Forex Market, it is highly unlikely they will grasp the contents of it.


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