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CPT Markets

CPT Markets is an international provider of financial derivatives and related services.

CPT Markets is an international provider of financial derivatives and related services. The company currently has a full license from the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), regulatory license number 606110, and the Belize International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) retail foreign exchange License, regulatory number: 000314/126.

Security Analysis

As a broker, CPT Markets strictly follows the regulator's client fund security guidelines, and sets up a fund segregation account to isolate the company's capital from the funds invested by customers and the margin, so as to prevent customer funds from being misappropriated for other purposes. At the same time, the segregated account can also ensure that the funds between customers and customers are completely independent. A customer's funds and margins can only be used for their own limited purposes such as trading, settlement, and guarantee, and cannot be used for other customers. Will be damaged by the deficit of other customers.

Main business

CPT Markets can trade mainstream and popular financial products in the global financial market, including foreign exchange, indices, precious metals, crude oil, CFDs, digital currencies, etc.

Leverage & Account

In order to meet the different needs of customers, the company provides traders with two types of accounts: STD standard account and ECN account. Both accounts have a maximum leverage of up to 1:1000 and a minimum deposit requirement of $500.

Spread & Commission

Floating spreads, the main spreads are EURUSD 1.9, GBP USD 2.3, AUD USD 2.0, USD JPY 2.2, gold USD 3.2, silver USD 1.9, crude oil 3.5. See the Swap Rate table below:

Variety Swap (long order) Swap (short order) Three-day interest day
EURUSD -$5.89 $0.98 Wednesday
GBPUSD -$4.95 -$0.27 Wednesday
AUDUSD -$5.94 -$2.07 Wednesday
USDJPY $2.47 -$10.97 Wednesday
Gold Dollars -$6.43 $0.97 Wednesday
Silver Dollars -$8.78 $0.72 Wednesday
Crude oil -$9.18 $1.54 Wednesday

Trading Platform

MT4 is the world's most mature and most widely used online trading platform in the foreign exchange field. Help investors to view the foreign exchange market in real time and conduct simulated and real transactions; the perfect combination of PC and mobile terminals provides traders with a flexible trading interface, which can be operated efficiently wherever they are; comprehensive and reliable charts and data analysis Function, collect global current affairs news in time, provide multilingual customer trading experience, 5*24 hours professional customer service; online real-time monitoring and management, no matter whether customers are experienced or not, they can obtain fast and efficient transaction information through the MT4 platform .


CPT Markets has been providing traders with multi-channel deposit and withdrawal methods for many years, making the trading process more efficient and convenient. Users can freely choose the transaction payment method according to their own needs. The currently supported deposit methods are UnionPay (the deposit limit is $25,000, and the deposit will arrive immediately;), USDT (no limit, subject to the actual arrival time of the bank), wire transfer (2-3 days to the account, no deposit limit,), SSAC (No limit, subject to the bank's actual arrival time), Visa/MasterCard credit/debit card (up to $20,000 within 7 days, instant arrival). The withdrawal methods are UnionPay (withdrawal time is 1-3 working days, the limit is $25, and the first monthly withdrawal of more than $100 is free of handling fee) and wire transfer (withdrawal limit is $0-$60).

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